The Last Paradise On Earth

Raja Ampat, nestled in the West Papuan province of Indonesia, is renowned for its beauty. This archipelagic gem encompasses over 1500 islands, with turquoise and crystal clear oceans, breathtaking cliffs, and rolling hills. The region is off the radar of most travellers, but for those who make the journey, it is aptly nicknamed 'the last paradise on earth'.
The archipelago is teeming with life, with over 750 species of coral, 1,700 species of mollusc, 1400 fish species, as well as whales, dugong, and dolphins. Below the waves, Raja Ampat's diverse marine life is truly exquisite, providing ample opportunities for some of the most amazing snorkelling and diving experiences in the world. These activities are well-supported – local villages have organized homestays, while certified dive instructors will help take your exploration to the next level. Above water, visitors will get to explore many uninhabited islands, which offer a range of wilderness activities such as kayaking and stand-up paddling.

Another highlight of Raja Ampat is its welcoming and hospitable inhabitants, the Papuans. Not only do they invite travellers into their homes, but they also practice sustainability. Locals have successfully practiced an excellent trash management system wherein all waste is collected and recycled or reused.

To reach Raja Ampat by plane, travellers must land in Sorong located in the heart of West Papua. From Sorong, a boat trip is required to get to the region’s many wonderful destinations.

Raja Ampat is unlike any other place on earth. It is home to some of the unique and beautiful species of marine life, stunning visual landscapes and incredible hospitality. If you're looking for a paradise-like destination to explore, Raja Ampat should definitely top your list.