Komodo National Park is one of the world’s most extraordinary locations, home to the iconic Komodo dragon and a diverse range of wildlife. These giant reptiles, measuring up to 3m long, are the most recognizable inhabitants of the park and a must-see for anyone visiting.The park covers a total area of 1,800km2, with an array of stunning landscapes to explore. As well as providing the perfect habitat for the Komodo dragon, the area boasts a range of activity possibilities, from spectacular scenery to sea-kayaking and sunbathing on the many private beaches.

For those looking to really experience the park, trekking is the way to go. Local guides take visitors to the best viewpoint over The Flores Sea, home to a huge range of marine life. At the summit of the trek, visitors can climb one of the beautiful Komodo hills, providing a panoramic view of the park and the chance to spot some thousands of birds found in the area.

The park is also a great spot for snorkelling and diving, with a variety of vibrant coral reefs and a huge array of both tropical and temperate species. The waters range from shallow and calm, making them ideal for families, to the more tricky open water where experienced divers can explore the depths of the sea.

Komodo National Park is a spectacular destination and a great opportunity to observe some of nature's most fascinating creatures up close. Divers, naturalists, photographers, and sightseers alike will find a lot to marvel at. From an amazing array of wildlife to the picturesque island scenes, visitors to Komodo National Park are sure to be left with lasting memories.